Chicago Childbirth Classes

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  "My husband John and I were in your class this summer and we gave birth to little Henry on November 2nd.  We did it all unmedicated and the experience was phenomenal!  We stayed at home for most of the labor and arrived at the hospital at 9 centimeters – just in time!  I was ecstatic!  The labor itself was so quick and I never felt the “terrible pain” that they talk about, so I never could have imagined I was that far along.  I just felt incredibly calm and confident.  I credit your class and all the prep work we did for such a fast, easy time Henry is doing very well (big and plump) and breastfeeding is going swimmingly.  —Kat & John

The Center for Birthing Transformation offers childbirth classes that assist couples in preparing for labor, birth and the early postpartum time frame. Classes that focus on developing labor coping tools to reduce discomfort during labor are held in Lakeview, Oak Park and near Naperville.  Email me ( for more information about the schedule and class, as well as other birth services.